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Asylum Cup 2014

Auderød took everybody by surprise and won the CUP. They played amazing ball, and Lume has turned into a Goal scoring machine. My greatest respect to Damsø soccerclub – for creating a talented team spirit and great players. This also ment that this last week after the Camp girls and women in all our refugee camps turned UP to practice, realizing that you have to practice to win. Now all focus is on our next tournament at the Roskilde music festival. A big THANK YOU to Røde Kors, Bestseller, hummel, Nordea, Larsson Familien, Emil Lyders, all players and coaches – You are the best!

Asylum Cup 2014
New years cup winners

Thanks for a great New Years Cup

Thank you Ganni, Cover, Essie, Unibrew, fodboldfabrikken, sensational Sunday players, all you amazing Girls for playing, hummel and Red Cross and all our asylum teams. See you again in March and June. See all the pictures here.

xx the Sensational Team.

The asylum team

Support Buy Ball or Sneak

Orangekarma Sneaks And The Orange Sensational 1

At this years Sensational Football tournament on Roskilde Festival with hummel, we played with a orange Sensational 1 Football which is the same measurements as the original Sensational 1 but is made in a collaboration with the orangekarma project between Roskilde Festival and hummel. It is an awesome totally orange football, that stay funky as it gets used. And a bonus is if you buy it you support the Asylum United project with 100 kr.

At this years Sensational Football Tournament the orangekarma project made a Orange Sneak that also supports the Asylum United project with 100 kr for each pair of shoes sold. They match the football and is a cool merchandise from Roskilde Festival and the tournament. So if you want to support the project and wants something fun to show for it, go buy a ball, a pair of shoes our both – anyway THANKS for you support.!

Click here to buy the Sensational Orange football

Click here to buy the Orangekarma sneak

Orange Karma sneak and Ball

Winners RF13

And The Winners Of the Asylum United RF13 Tournament Are…

We just wrapped up this years Sensational Football at Roskilde Festival with the orangekarma collaboration, between Roskilde and hummel. And it was a huge succes for the fourth years, wonderful people and players. In addtion to all the players we could welcome 4 asylum camps football teams and their trainers. They came around 60 people and played with us.

FC Kongelunden won the Asylum tournament on tuesday and the trainers made a team, Team Etnic, in the regular tournament and won on monday and toke the second place in the finals. It was magical to see all these women smile, dance and play. They and we had a blast.

The trainers and players set up a nail and hair bar where they put on nail polish and braided hair for 20 kr to collect money for the asylum united football camp in december. It was a total success, both boys and girls came by and got their nails and hair done, and at some point we had some randon boys helping out the women. We are definatly doing that again if the girls are up for it.

We made a bunch of pictures from the days that you can go see here.

FC Kongelunden



Red Cross

Video: One year ago we started weekly soccer practice at Red Cross Refugee camps. It has been an amazing journey. Suddenly we understand how difficult it is to have very little influence on your own life. We try to motivate, be friends, help build network and shape them into strong players. Mildred one of our have decided that she will build a girls soccer camp in Kenya if she is kick out of Denmark. She is one of our goalkeepers. She is taking some control trying to keep her sane and giving her skills that can pass on to the next generation. We are extremely proud of our players.